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Castration by My Wife on Me

She looked down at her husband as he tried to crawl to safety. She shifted her legs, trying to cover up the dampness that was forming inside her. The thought that she was witnessing the […]

Castration Captions

I didn’t tell you that part of of your session today was to have my girlfriende cut your nuts off.  So sorry.

Roasted Dick

Castration and penectomy, then roasted dick for her testing!  

Amazon Triumphs, Castration Executions

Defeated by Amazons the typical punishment for the defeated was intense humiliation and pain as they felt the castration blade as it sliced painfully through their cocks and balls, often times stuffed in their own […]

Old Ass Toilet Fart Captions

“Well Jeff, it looks like subscriptions to our femdom scat site are drop-ping. Just watching you eat my shit isn’t enough on the net these days. So, I guess we’ll try some ball torture, maybe […]

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