Wheel of fortune: Game with castration

Game with castration

Today, we combine education and the game. We show why male castration is useful… For today’s game, you must enter a intact male’s registration numbe… and for $ 10, you can take part in gambling. The head prize is $ 50.000. Cancellation of the prize is possible only for 60 000 $ deposit…

Game with castration

Lucky Wheel Game Winnings $ 50.000. Please register exactly! A spin is only $ 10. The winnings are required to be accepted… You can withdraw from the game after $ 60.000. In all other cases, the law requires the player to accept the prize.

Game with castration

The game can be a big win and discomfort or pain. Please think about registration. Play if you can enjoy all the prizes.
– Zeta wanted to win the in prize, but unfortunately he only won a six-month Sissy training, the first step of which was the medical examination, then the castration surgery. – And are you ready to play and prize?

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