Worship my Armpits

In this hardcore fetish video, Mistress Shana treats her slave by allowing him to worship her sexy feet and armpits. He is her willing servant as his small cock is fastened in a chastity and he allows his master to spit water in his face. Mistress Shana rubs her hot feet on her slave’s face so roughly that he almost throws up, but a quick reprimand puts him in his place. The rough fetish fun continues as Mistress Shana shows her dominance by rubbing berries all over her feet and armpits, forcing her slave to lick the juice from her body parts. Finally, her slave gets rewarded as Shana lets her guard down for a moment and lets him bury his tongue in her tight ass and eager, wet pussy. Mistress Shana is not forgiving for her slave’s transgressions though, and in an act of powerful femdom, first threatens to brutalize his ass with a big leather whip, before degrading her submissive little partner by riding him like a dog to the shower.


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