Toilet Slave

Toilet Slave“Keep slurping down my piss you white piece of shit and think yourself lucky! I decided to change the terms of our marriage and make you my waste slave, which is all you’re fit for any way”
“Remember, any spillages and you lick it up from the floor, though not before you put your tongue to good use as my white hubby bitch toilet paper. And so that you’re under no illusions as to what serving a sadistic ebony Goddess will entail; the whip isn’t for show andIll take utter delight in using it if you fuck up; a single stroke will cut to the bone”
“As soon as you’ve cleaned up, I’m installing you in the toilet box where you can wait until I decide to feed you.That wont be until latertonight when I return from seeing my latest lover whose dick is nearly as big as you are tall. He just loves anal, sothere’s going be plenty of the white stuff for you to gulp down; and getting shafted for hours up my butt always stimulates my bowels like you wouldn’t believe.”
“So while l’m gone and you’re locked in the box for hours, contemplating your aching blue balls and chastity device spiked little dick; you can try and take your mind of it by looking forward to all the cum & shit which will be disappearing down your throat when I get back. Not to mention another gallon of piss which will be loaded with a real man’s cum too.’


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