Nurse Domina Dominates Patient Jonah Marx

With a bandaged face, naked from the waist down and lying on a stretcher, Jonah Marx appears to be unconscious. Nurse Domina Williams comes to check his vital signs, slaps him in the face, and suddenly wakes him up. Confused, Jonah is strapped to the hospital bed by his wrists and ankles. He can’t remember what happened. Sister Williams reminds him that he had a terrible accident and Jonah isn’t sure she’s telling the truth. She insists that she hit his thighs with the stick to test the feeling in his legs. She reaches for her stick, whips it from his thighs to his chest, leaving red streaks on his body. She applies surgical clips to Jonah’s nipples and then four of them to his sack. Sister Williams slowly rolls a pinwheel over Jonah’s tail and he screams in agony. She rolls him in the wheelchair in the middle of the floor and lets him suck her huge, amazing tits. She drops him on the floor, strips and lets him lick her pussy from behind. Nurse domina scolds him for not showing enough gratitude and repeatedly kicks him in the nuts. She suffocates his face with her pussy and he says thank you if he has allowed air. She puts him on all fours and fucks his ass deep and hard with her strap-on dildo while slapping his back with a riding whip. She jerks his cock and he blows his load and sister Williams collects his cum in a mean one. Unsatisfied with the volume, she jerks his sensitive cock hard again and climbs up, shoving his cock into her pussy. She lets him fuck her from below and humiliates him for his failed performance. She turns and sits on his face and lets him lick her pussy until she cums.





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