Have a happy meal slave mouth!

CB_2_15“Ah so, good teacher, you’re awake.”
“You’ll have a slight headache and feel a little woozy, but it’ll soon pass”
“I expect you re wondering why you cant move, well except your head that is, giggle we always leave some movement therefor reasons which will be obvious in a moment.”
“Now, I would listen very carefully teacher i’lI were you and don’t interrupt.”
“The cheer leader squad have decided to change your job title; instead of teaching all of us English, you’re now set to become our permanent human toilet. Best you don’t 1 interrupt me teacher or you’II be punished, I wont tell you again.”
“It was easy to drug you and abduct you here; Mikso has a brother in the Yakuza and they’re experts at making people disappear. No one will find you here in this isolated house, it belongs to another member of the squad who has a rich daddy, so we’ll never be disturbed here.”
“I told the head master you’d resigned, so he wont bother any more about it and just hire a new teacher.”
“Because it’s your first day in a new job, all of the squad, giggle, twenty of us, wanted to give you a big Japanese welcome andfill you right up with plenty of food & drink. Were even going to make your awesome meal easy for you to digest, giggle, having passed throughout bodies already”
“It’s the easiest job in the world teacher, all you have to do is follow our instructions to the letter and keep swallowing: Itil be easier for everyone if you stay permanently bound up with your head in the toilet box, so say hello to your new permanent homefor ever, giggle, well until we retire you anyway.”
“Giggle, you’re doing very well teacher no more interruptions, ate you still alive in there?”
“Now just afew words about protocol & punishment.”
“As a teacher you were entitled to respect and deference, but since your role has now changed and you’re nothing more than a white shit eating, piss drinking pig; we would all lose face if we continued to call you teacher, so more appropriate for ms of address will be used.’ will personally call you slave mouth, but the other girls will chose their own names, shit eating worm is quite afavoutite”
“Now we expect you to do everything we tell you and of course it goes without saying, eat & drink every thing that drops down into the toilet box. There will be over duties like cleaning out sexy pert Asian arse’s & tight pussies with your tongue.”
“Severe punishment will result if youfail in any of your duties; we’ve all got special long metal poles which are petfect lot battering a toilet slave’s balls or shoving up their arse.”
“Well it sounds like the rest of the squad has, arrived, all raring to give you a giganticfeast”

Have a happy meal slave mouth, giggle.

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