VIDEO: Employee of the Month

Rick Hard has been chosen the employee of the month at the company he works for. His boss invited him over to his house for dinner but Rick did not count on the boss’ wife being a total blonde beauty with the most delicious big tits he’™d ever seen. Rick also didn’™t count on his boss’ wife being a nymphomaniac mistress that on top of owning his boss as a cuckold husband, wants to fuck Rick’™s brains out too. When he is left alone with her in the living room, she jumps on him right away. She puts her hand on his thigh and start moving it up towards his crotch. Rick is confused and afraid to lose his job but lets her pull out his huge dick and suck on it anyway. He is reassured when his boss comes back in the room and is ordered by his wife to watch suck on Rick’™s big dick. Watch this insatiable mistress play with Rick’s huge meat and get pounded while her cuckold husband watches and licks her pussy and clit.


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