American Mean Girls: Shocked in the Middle

American Mean Girls

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American Mean Girls present:

Princess Amber and Princess Skylar love playing games with their ttrainoys. One of their favorite toys just happens to be a BALL SHOCKER! Hahaha The girls find it so amusing because of how little effort it requires on their end, and yet the losers’ balls attached to it receives excruciating pain! LOL The weather has been so nice lately so Amber and Skylar wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to ‘play outside’.

Princess Amber has another new slave who said “I’m a masochist and can handle a lot of pain” Hahahaha typically losers like to OVER PROMISE and end up just disappointing us and wasting our time. Fortunately for this slave, it didn’t complain TOO MUCH lol. When Princess Amber and Princess Skylar start to play with the ball shocking remote, they immediately light up with joy. But simply pressing a button and making this loser scream just isn’t enough entertainment for them, so they decide to MOTIVATE this loser with the opportunity to kiss their dirty feet! Princess Amber holds on to the remote and calls this slave over to kiss her feet (but it has to CRAWL!)

Just before it can touch its lips on her perfect princess feet, she throws the remote to Princess Skylar who then offers it the same opportunity. This loser is literally shocked in the middle, and the only way it will get the privilege to worship their feet is if it’s quick enough to catch them lmao. Hot girls can be SO MEAN! HAHAHAHA


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