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Miss Mya penetrates the hole in his cock and she shoves the steel rod deep inside his penis. His dick throbs as Mya inserts a larger rod and teases the sensitive skin on the head […]

VIDEO: Toe Polisher

Mistress Jessie’€™s slaves are nasty animals always chasing her around the house staring at her painted toenails, creamy soles, sexy toes, and graceful arches. They steal her shoes to smell them and practically drool all […]

VIDEO: Welcome to Heaven

Muslims believe that good men that fight for Allah and their religion will be rewarded with 70 virgins in the afterlife. These 2 Arabs suicide bomb themselves at a bar in the name of jihad […]

Rick Hard has been chosen the employee of the month at the company he works for. His boss invited him over to his house for dinner but Rick did not count on the boss’ wife […]

Two tough bitches tie a helpless guy to a chair in a deserted building and beat him till he faints Amanda and Irina come to an abandoned farm somewhere around St. Petersburg with a tied […]

Young blond domme with beautiful legs and feet breaking her new bottom in Blond Mistress Attika is definitely not someone who would punish her slave through a session of foot domination. She always makes the […]

Domina rides the tongue of her CBT slave covered with shiny plastic wrap Swarthy older mistress MERYL can hardly be accused of treating her boy toy with insufficient violence. As if her helpless slave was […]

Slave is done licking his domme’s feet – now it’s time he cleaned her shoes That useless piece of flesh dangling between the slave’s legs… Mistress Tasha really loves beating it, smacking it with her […]

VIDEO: BDSM Mistress

Mistress Carmen Rivera is used to cash slaves flying her around the world and buying whatever she desires. With her good friend and fellow BDSM Mistress, Carmen arrives to one of her most committed sex […]

Video: A Variety Of Slaves

Turn of the Card: What started out as Starla’s desire to stick something into every orifice of Ava’s body for her own pleasure, very quickly turned into Ava’s total and complete satisfaction.

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