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The Toe Lick Man

Seems to be a lazy afternoon for Amanda as she lies on the floor and snoozes. Her slave doesn’t get any rest though, he need to gently lick her toes while she slumbers. Fortunately she […]

Cry From High Heels Pain

Sometimes filming can be frustrating when I miss the random action happening with the girls because I don’t have the video camera nearby. This time though when I saw Jessica and Sara systematically torturing the […]

My Sissy Maid

While Lady Edyn has many slaves doing cleaning for her, typically that is a job left for her sissy maids. They are tailored for this form of servitude to women, well trained in housekeeping and […]

Your old life is over sweetie!

Lezdom gagged scene “You’ll be pleased to know, that we don’t have to be so careful anymore. Its been almost two months now, and they’ve stopped looking for you, Tina. Your old life is over […]

Hot Wax CBT

“There. Ok, that’s enough for your cock. Now we’ll start hot wax on those balls. I sure do have my fun when you are trying to earn an orgasm.”

Ass On Face, Natalia

This clip is from our former Ass On Face website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! These clips are pure objectification, where the lady simply uses the slaves face as her chair and […]

Femdom Mix Captions

It felt like I’d just fallen asleep when I heard the door open. A thin blanket the only concession to comefort my mother-in-law had given me when she locked me in the dog’s cage last […]

Psychological Femdom Captions

My senior at work usually talked sweetly with me.But sometimes she intimidated me with sudden sterness.l’d be scared for a moment and then steady myself to not appear weak.But later on I’d be turned on.One […]

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