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It’s amazing how much filth bare female feet can pick up as they walk around over the course of the day. Fortunately for Goddess Matilda she doesn’t have to concern herself with such things anymore. […]

He Sounds Constipated

Another day another two loser slaves. Leya and Jessie have definitely seen their fair share of useless slave candidates, like these two that both have tiny dicks and can’t take much pain. May as well […]

Trash, Recycle, Slave

  The girls keep all the waste containers outside near the bottom of the driveway. All the typical ones namely trash, recycling and the slave. The slave is useful out there for the times when […]

Sarah’s Dad, Part 2

As long as the girls are teaching Sarah’s dad the new pecking order in his life, namely with males being at the bottom, they may as well get him used to being degraded on a […]

Sarah’s Dad, Part 1

Dava and Ela both are accustomed to enslaving men. That’s why when Dava walks in with a grown man crawling behind her on a leash, Ela isn’t the least bit shocked or surprised. But this […]

I suppose it’s understandable that Marie and Staci sometimes forget there is a slave suffering underneath their heels. When they are kissing each other they sometimes do tune out any cries of pain from nearby […]

Belle’s Slave

Most would consider Belle’s slave to be extremely lucky. He gets to live out his life in service to her, sacrificing his time and money to please her as her whims dictate. Occasionally she does […]

Sure having his cock electrocuted hurts, but it’s worth it right? To be able to worship female feet? It should be especially when the feet are from girls like Austin and Norah whose feet are […]

Meet My House Pet

For this clip we’re going way back! It’s a very old clip from years ago that we somehow never posted, one where Mischa is doing the recording as she shows Katie her new house pet. […]

Sure, Cum

Sure, this slave can cum. Why not, Adrianna is feeling kind today and this slave has been waiting all week for orgasm privilege. So why not, she will let him cum. She will ruin his […]

“This is amazing Kara, after just one week of your training, Before, I couldn’t get my husband to even open the door for me. Now he’s begging to serve and worship me.” “Oh, Susan, all […]

Gag On It Piggy

Whether he likes it or not, this slave will get foot in mouth. And not just mildly in mouth, we’re talking deep insertion of foot into slave mouth. Jessie very much enjoys this practice quite […]

Here Women rule and men obey

Listen to me worm, now you’re my husband and you’re going to know the rules in this family. Here Women rule and men obey. That means that you and your son are just worthless slaves […]

Sometimes I wonder if the girls do things as some sort of experiment. Like here where one girl torments the poor slave with her perfect shorts covered ass while the other girl whips him. Are […]

He Never Knew Such Pain CBT

He never knew such pain CBT, searing and white hot, blocking out all his senses as his wife and her best friend just continued to slap and hit his balls! His body spasmed and strained, […]

Please Miss Daisy

Ah yes Miss Daisy, a cute young girl that so many men want to serve and yet so few of them realize how cruel she really is. She often prefers to hold the camera herself […]

He Never Says Thank You

Sure he’s being humiliated by young girls, but he still should be saying thank you. That’s because every verbal humiliation, face slap, hunk of spit and so on is attention from Lady Edyn and Goddess […]

They Call Me Pigshit

As slaves get handed around by the girls, sometimes their names will change. Sara for example calls this slave Fido because to her he is nothing but a dog and she treats him as such. […]

He Wants To Adore Us

Look at you sitting there in the corner all pathetic, sneaking peeks at Kendra and Marie’s feet. The way they dangle their high heels is driving you crazy, being the shoe slut that you are. […]

Know Your Masters Scent

For a slave, it’s important to know the scent of your owners. Both Kelly and Dakota have unique scents in their socks and this slave really needs to be able to identify that. It’s also […]

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