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Featuring CruelDama, Mistress Heather. Cruel Dama has invited Divine Mistress Heather over for a bite to eat and some refreshments. On hand are two of Cruel Dama’s slaves, who prove to be very useful as […]

They Call Me Pigshit

As slaves get handed around by the girls, sometimes their names will change. Sara for example calls this slave Fido because to her he is nothing but a dog and she treats him as such. […]

Hungry slave? Good because Lady Edyn and Princess Miranda have a delicious snack for him. They brought him some chocolate chip cookies to eat, isn’t that nice of them? Now they toss them on the […]

Yeah this slave doesn’t make a very good mop. Even as Lady Edyn so graciously spits food out on the floor for him to snack on, he inevitably leaves morsels of it strewn about, his […]

Appreciate What We Give You

While Lady Edyn and Miss Pris are snacking on some food, they notice that their slave is hungrily watching them given that he hasn’t eaten in some time. So the girls decide to include him […]

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