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Castration by My Wife on Me

She looked down at her husband as he tried to crawl to safety. She shifted her legs, trying to cover up the dampness that was forming inside her. The thought that she was witnessing the […]

BBW Domina CBT Castration

Relax, sweetie! I’m an old pro at this! You just let the drugs take effect, and as soon as you can’t move, I’ll rip off your balls with my bare hands! True, your wife could […]

Femdom CBT Complot

No, I’m sure my hubby wouldn’t mind! He told me the other night that you were the only one of my girlfriends he would… how did he say…”Bust a nut for”? Well, with him restrained […]

Domina rides the tongue of her CBT slave covered with shiny plastic wrap Swarthy older mistress MERYL can hardly be accused of treating her boy toy with insufficient violence. As if her helpless slave was […]

Hot Wax CBT

“There. Ok, that’s enough for your cock. Now we’ll start hot wax on those balls. I sure do have my fun when you are trying to earn an orgasm.”

He Never Knew Such Pain CBT

He never knew such pain CBT, searing and white hot, blocking out all his senses as his wife and her best friend just continued to slap and hit his balls! His body spasmed and strained, […]

SHHHHH, my dearest husband! You are about to fulfill two fantasies at once! You’ve always wanted my best friend. You even told me so in bed! Well, she, too has a fantasy of destroying a […]

CBT Turn On

CBT Turn On Pt2: 12 extreme CBT pictures from English Mansion

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