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Sure having his cock electrocuted hurts, but it’s worth it right? To be able to worship female feet? It should be especially when the feet are from girls like Austin and Norah whose feet are […]

Meet My House Pet

For this clip we’re going way back! It’s a very old clip from years ago that we somehow never posted, one where Mischa is doing the recording as she shows Katie her new house pet. […]

Sure, Cum

Sure, this slave can cum. Why not, Adrianna is feeling kind today and this slave has been waiting all week for orgasm privilege. So why not, she will let him cum. She will ruin his […]

Gag On It Piggy

Whether he likes it or not, this slave will get foot in mouth. And not just mildly in mouth, we’re talking deep insertion of foot into slave mouth. Jessie very much enjoys this practice quite […]

Know Your Masters Scent

For a slave, it’s important to know the scent of your owners. Both Kelly and Dakota have unique scents in their socks and this slave really needs to be able to identify that. It’s also […]

Cock Must Suffer For Orgasm

It’s understandable that this slave wants an orgasm. After all Lady Edyn, Kassondra and Kate are three very pretty young girls. So they will let him try and cum, but only if his cock gets […]

He’ll Do Anything

The girls will torture this slaves cock and balls. Why? Because they can of course, and because they feel like it. They know this slave will do anything to please them since Jessica and Karmen […]

Yeah this slave doesn’t make a very good mop. Even as Lady Edyn so graciously spits food out on the floor for him to snack on, he inevitably leaves morsels of it strewn about, his […]

Available now at Men in Pain: Harmony and Lefty Mistress Harmony has a kept pet that she takes out to play with when she is feeling mean and horny. Tonight, her mood is dark as […]

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