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CFNM Peter’s Story

In the new video at CFNMTV, Peter isn’t sure who’s worse, the intimidating Doctor Heinz, or the giggling nurse Cheryl. Having to strip totally naked in front of them all is harrowing enough, without having […]

CFNM Harsh Lesson

At, despite her reservations over Tarquin’s chequered past, Rita Barcliff has agreed to meet him and see if he genuinely has learnt the error of his ways. He naively assumes that the job is […]

German femdom captions

So einfach ist es, an unsere Muschis zu kommen. Aber ein Versager wie du versucht sogar seine Erektion zu verstecken. Hau blog ab. Mit meinem Bruder. Ausgerechnet dieser Kleinschwanz. Ich zeig dir mal, wie sich […]

Aw, look! My hubby is getting hard again! And here after we went through all that trouble of milking your little worm until he threw up on your leg! Well, I guess we’ll have to […]

A stark naked Paulo gets punished

At, Rita Barcliff has had a huge shock. Convinced that Paulo is in love with her she’s just been shopping to buy him some nice things to wear on their holiday together. Now she’s […]

Ass is in agony

Paulo’s ass is in agony as the furious manageress takes out her anger by roughly penetrating him. She’s determined to exact revenge for breaking her heart. And with her colleagues help, will ensure the young […]

At, David had been humbled by the two strong women who have him captive in the studio. He’s too terrified of them to put up any more resistance and sits on the floor a […]

VIDEO: Tug of War Ball Busting

Welcome to Clubdom! Unbelievably erotic yet shockingly cruel. Where you will find the most brutal and sexy femdoms on the internet with new content added daily.

WifeDom Penectomy

That’s okay; I’m sure it feels quite strange. Just stay down … down! Try to relax, dear; that’s right, … it’s much too late for you to do anything now anyway. Just let the silly […]

Naked and at their mercy

In the new video at, Karen and Siobhan are enjoying getting revenge on the cocky Jack. Naked and at their mercy, they push him further and further until he reaches breaking point. The spunky […]

New Teacher

In the new story, the headmaster has the perfect solution to handle the delinquent student – let Petra Gloria see if she can get through to Robert. It will test her abilities and if […]

A Femdom Tea Party

Available now at Divine Bitches: Bitchcraft: A Femdom Tea Party You’re invited to the bitchiest, sexiest, most sadistic Halloween femdom tea party of the season! 3 of the most wicked Divine Bitches, Cherry Torn, Veruca […]

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