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Hurting his worthless cock

Now that Mistress Anita has got her slave’s hurting, glossy, dark blue balls in her hand, she knows she can do anything she wants to him. Watch her take a quick ride on his back […]

Foot dominated by sisters

This time the humble slaves are getting a double portion of pain and humiliation. But hey, if they take the training well, they will be rewarded with a double portion of pleasure too. See, tonight […]

Spiked with stiletto heels

Gorgeous Mistress Nora is seated on a chair, her faithful slave kneeling at her feet obediently. Just a word from her is enough to make him rush towards her, kiss her hands, lick her red […]

Eager shoeshiner using tongue

Mistress Aina’s personal slave is down on his knees with his hands tied behind his back with thick leather straps, waiting for his domme to come. He’s so helpless and she, in her turn, is […]

Foot fetishist in training

The Worm has been sitting in the cage under Lady Beatrix’s bed for so long he has almost forgotten how to stand up straight. No big deal though. His Mistress is not that eager to […]

The Most Beautiful Toes

That’s right, get Ella’s foot deep into your mouth. Suck on her toes like they are the most beautiful toes in the world. This slave should be grateful to be permitted to snack on her […]

Having reviewed your performance this quarter and finding it acceptable, I’ve decided to reward you, boy. The frequent gifts you’ve been getting for me, the unexpected shopping trips, all on top of your monthly fixed […]

It’s amazing how much filth bare female feet can pick up as they walk around over the course of the day. Fortunately for Goddess Matilda she doesn’t have to concern herself with such things anymore. […]

The gorgeous Carla shows of her perfect tiny feet, and a lucky slave gets to worship them and is trampled by this goddess.

Worship my Armpits

In this hardcore fetish video, Mistress Shana treats her slave by allowing him to worship her sexy feet and armpits. He is her willing servant as his small cock is fastened in a chastity and […]

Foot Domination Captions

1. How dare you stand in front of someone like me! Kneel and lick my $1000 heels before I show you how hard these arms can squeeze your puny neck! 2. Ugh…you are so disgusting. […]

Trash, Recycle, Slave

  The girls keep all the waste containers outside near the bottom of the driveway. All the typical ones namely trash, recycling and the slave. The slave is useful out there for the times when […]

I suppose it’s understandable that Marie and Staci sometimes forget there is a slave suffering underneath their heels. When they are kissing each other they sometimes do tune out any cries of pain from nearby […]

Young blond domme with beautiful legs and feet breaking her new bottom in Blond Mistress Attika is definitely not someone who would punish her slave through a session of foot domination. She always makes the […]

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